4 signs that reveal that your lover does not trust you .. “If you remain on him, you must speak”

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Trust is one of the basic aspects of any relationship, no matter what, especially if it is romantic. Without it, there is no interaction or communication, and it may be difficult to return your relationship again, and there are signs that say that the lover does not trust you, from the behaviors that may occur and the phrases that they may utter Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews the most prominent of these signs, according to the “Seventh Day” website.bestlifeonline” As follows:

Search your phone

Searching your text messages, phone records, emails, direct messages, or location data is a sign that your relationship may lack trust. To indicate that he does not trust you very much.

It keeps track of your movements

If your lover is constantly attacking you with questions about your whereabouts, acquaintances, and future plans, he may do so because he does not trust you or thinks that you might betray him, try not to suddenly change your trajectory, so that he does not feel that you are doing something without his knowledge.

wish you wrong

When you talk to him, you find that he focuses on extracting words from your speech to condemn you to error, and increases the questions with the same meaning to notice the difference in your answer, as it is a late stage of mistrust.

He feels uncomfortable when you socialize without him

If a night out with friends makes your partner anxious, it’s probably because he doesn’t trust you completely. You are present in important meetings and celebrations without him so as not to increase anxiety between the two of you.

feeling safe

life partner
life partner



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