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Agreement to facilitate electronic payment services within the installment program

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publish date 2022-08-24 11:46:08

The Social Security Corporation and International Services Company (Limited Jordan) signed today, Wednesday, an agreement to facilitate electronic payment services for Jordanian retirees, sons of the Gaza Strip, children of Jordanian women and their beneficiaries from widows and parents, within the installment program recently launched by the Corporation, through the company’s payment machines deployed in the markets and stores of the Kingdom. .

The agreement was signed by its general manager, Dr. Hazem Rahahleh, and for (Limited Jordan) the administrative and regional director of the acquisition in the Arab East, Yazan Al-Kharouf.

Under the agreement concluded between the two sides, the Corporation will provide a service in installments of purchases to retirees who receive their monthly salaries through an installment program, provided that the company is committed to concluding agreements with commercial and service establishments with the aim of selling goods and services to retirees and in accordance with the mechanisms agreed upon between the two sides, and providing the Insurance Corporation with copies of the agreements concluded with the establishments. .

The agreement includes the payment of the monthly installments due to the facilities and transferred by the guarantee institution, provided that the company bears all expenses incurred in all the systems and technical and organizational arrangements related to the program, including hardware, tools, software and any other requirements necessary for the application.

It also included the commitment of the Guarantee Corporation to provide the company with all the data of the retirees, which includes the national number, the phone number, the ceiling of the balance allowed for installments, and any matters necessary to implement this program, in addition to deducting the amounts owed by retirees and supplying them to the company at the end of the month following the purchase process to be transferred to merchants.

For his part, the Director General of the Foundation, Dr. Hazem Rahahleh, said that signing this new agreement is part of the Foundation’s procedures in implementing an installment program to enable retirees who wish to benefit from the program, installment their purchases of goods and services in several monthly payments, and facilitating all electronic and technical procedures associated with them, valuing cooperation (Limited Jordan) with the Foundation in this field as a national company and its role is recognized at the national level.

He added that the funding ceiling granted to retirees benefiting from an installment program is equivalent to twice the net retirement salary, explaining that retirees who have previously benefited from previous installment programs can benefit from the current installment program to purchase their needs of goods and services from stores approved by the Corporation under this agreement.

He pointed out that the program targets a segment that includes more than (200) thousand retirees, and this segment can be expanded in the future, stressing that the institution’s doors are open to all national companies wishing to join the installment program.

For his part, the Administrative and Regional Director of Acquisition in the Arab East, Yazan Al-Kharouf, praised the partnership with the Social Security Corporation, and its role in partnering with stores and companies to provide exclusive services, discounts and benefits for retirees and their heirs, indicating that the company is efficient and practical experience and has technical knowledge to develop systems management and applications. Financial technology and has all the technical capabilities required to provide the required installment programs through the network of merchants contracting with them.


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