“Radwan” expresses his talent by drawing the details of the features of the Egyptian character

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Reader Radwan Hammoud, through the “Citizen Press” service on “The Seventh Day”, participated in a number of artistic paintings that express his artistic talent in drawing and his ability to use different colors and materials to clarify the most accurate details of the features of the Egyptian character.

He said: “I have been fond of drawing and painting since childhood, and because the details of the Egyptian features, whether ancient or modern, are among the most beautiful features that express the authenticity of its people, I decided to document these features and draw them accurately, especially since these features are distinctive and express the historical and temporal stages that followed Egypt.”





Reader Radwan Hammoud

“The Seventh Day” invites its readers to send their participation through the “WhatsApp” service, the seventh day, with the number 01280003799, the phone number and text messages on Facebook, provided that the video news and videos are published in the name of the readers..


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