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28 audit outputs monitored by the Audit Bureau during last July

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publish date 2022-08-23 17:43:00

Today, Tuesday, the team tasked with reviewing documented clarifications at the State Audit Bureau held its regular meeting, headed by Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jazi, within the framework of the approach to the monthly review of clarifications.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Secretary-General of the Prime Ministry, Abdul Latif Al-Najdawi, and the Secretary-General of the Audit Bureau, Ibrahim Al-Majali, the clarifications that were monitored during the month of July were reviewed, which, according to Al-Jazi, numbered (28) regulatory exits registered against (14) institutions of the destination.

Al-Jazi revealed that the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission had addressed one of the supervisory outcomes related to the appointment of “homeland workers” in the Greater Zarqa Municipality, and that their employment status was subsequently modified without being bound by the instructions, in order to verify the possibility of corruption suspicions around it, while the remaining outputs remained Procedural and administrative, all necessary measures have been taken to correct it accordingly.

And he indicated that some of the clarifications included the presence of notes about referring and receiving bids in violation of regulations and legislation, ignoring the collection of amounts owed to the treasury, and failure to reinforce the exchange documents with the necessary and required documents duly.

He also revealed the existence of clarification regarding the continued payment of salaries, incentives, and transportation allowances to an employee despite her death, pointing to the formation of a committee to scrutinize and investigate the matter, identifying similar cases, and recovering illegally disbursed amounts according to the rules.

He pointed out that some clarifications monitored the disbursement of incentives and additional work allowance to employees despite their presence on sick leave, maternity leave or internal scholarship, which is in violation of the provisions of the legislation in force, and the necessary measures have been taken to recover the amounts spent.

The clarifications also included – according to Al-Jazi – administrative violations, such as employees attending universities without obtaining fundamental approvals, the use of government vehicles other than the instructions, and the promotion of employees to leadership and supervisory positions in violation, and other observations.

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