Know the difference between types of yogurt and its uses.. Greek for salad and Baladi for cooking

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One box of yogurt per day is considered a delicious and useful meal, especially if you follow a diet or try to change the diet of children, but with the many types of yogurt a person may not be able to determine what he actually needs, so he reviews “The Seventh Day” with Chef Iman Abdel Raouf Yogurt and define our needs from each package as follows:


The chef said that the most famous type of yogurt is the kind that floats on its face with a thick layer of cream because of its manufacture from full-fat buffalo milk, and she added that one of the uses of municipal yogurt besides eating it alone at dinner is its entry in the preparation of some types of food such as white kiosk and cream sauce for steak Chicken fatteh, shawarma with yogurt, kofta with yogurt sauce and shawarma.

Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

Canned and light yogurt

The chef added that regular and light canned yoghurts are both lower in fat than baladi yoghurts, which makes one package sufficient for dinner, especially if someone is following a diet or diet. Masks for hair or skin care, and because their price is a little low, and packages of children’s favorite fruits are also available.

lite yogurt
lite yogurt

Greek Yogurt

The chef added that the Greek yogurt became very popular during this period and its many types, whether light, fruit or regular, and about the uses of Greek yogurt, the chef said that one of the best salad dishes ever is the Greek salads in which a large amount of vegetables and cheese meet, and if they are not available Cheese is placed a package of yogurt on the salad, and she added that this type of yogurt is one of the most expensive types, but it does not differ significantly from the municipal yogurt except in fat, but the taste is very close to it.

Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt

Greek salad
Greek salad


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