6 signs of fear in body language that cannot be hidden.. wide eyes and a shrunken body

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Fear of feelings that we see in all human beings in different countries and cultures with the same expression and the same signs expressing it, and most likely it appears quickly on the face and the rest of the body’s members and we notice it easily, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the next report body language signs that express the fear and terror of its owner according to what Referred to by Mohamed Hassan, a body language expert.

A body language expert told “The Seventh Day”, “Some do not pay close attention to these signs that express the fear and terror of their owner, so he communicates with one of them while he does not realize that the other party feels fear and perhaps terrified of him or something about work or home, or perhaps some problems.” and private matters.” Therefore, we should be well acquainted with these signs in order to notice them well and deal in proportion to their owner in every situation as follows:

expression of fear

We clearly see the widening of the eyes, with raised eyebrows, and the mouth sometimes we see it closed, and the greater the fear, the wider we see it clearly. It on the face of the other party whenever I realized the cause.

Hold the hands of the seat or the table firmly

Undoubtedly, this indicates fear, and the desire to grab anything that helps us, even if relatively, to feel safe, and we also notice with it sometimes that the feet are wrapped around the legs of the seat, and here the sign becomes more emphatic.

Repeated swallowing

There is no doubt that this is a very natural sign and it happens to all of us, especially in times of heat, thirst and fasting, but its repetition without a natural reason from the previous reasons clearly indicates fear, anxiety and tension.

body shrinkage

The body automatically shrinks when it feels threatened and closes on its owner. You see this person embracing himself when he squares his hands in front of his chest, holding his hands firmly, as if he finds no one to embrace him, contain him, or make him feel safe except himself.

Shoulder height

One of the most famous positions that the body takes when feeling terrified and threatened, because the body automatically resorts to protecting its neck and chest. She herself when feeling threatened by pulling her neck quickly.

touch the neck

One of the most famous calming behaviors that a person does with the aim of calming himself and protecting his neck, you see him holding his neck for a few seconds, because the neck has some nerve endings that help calm a person when touched.

Body language signs of fear

Signs in body language
Signs in body language

body language
body language


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