Towers don’t have a clue, but Hanina.. Aquarius is jealous and Capricorn does not know how to express their feelings

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Love and pampering are among the most important qualities that distinguish a person from others. There are many people who have a good heart. They are distinguished by tenderness and good dealing and offering love to those around them, but they cannot deal or express what is inside them, so we will discuss, during the next report, affectionate towers, but they are not good at pampering those around them, According to Raif Raafat, an expert in numerology and horoscopes.

Ma Lahash Towers in Al Dalaa


Capricorn is one of the good and romantic zodiacs, but sometimes they are unable to express what is inside them, and they are also serious personalities who are not good at petting but are very good at love and giving.


Aquarius is one of the personalities who prefer to plan projects and strive for continuous progress, so they are not good at showing pets, but always prefer to appear strong in character, even though they are among the most kind and compassionate people.


Sagittarius is one of the fun personalities who loves to travel and go out, but he is ignorant of dealing with his life partner on the public, it is possible to show love and pampering to his life partner away from the spotlight, because the Sagittarius is one of the characters who loves to control, some of them believe that petting and pampering the life partner will decrease From the society’s view of him.


Virgos are among the constellations that are characterized by arrangement and organization and are always good at dealing, providing support and containment to those around them, but in the case of love and petting, they prefer to be out of sight, but sometimes they say poems about their partner, but in a way that does not tend to petting in a serious way, sometimes you may understand As ironic, they are actually romantic characters.

Malahash Towers in showing Al-Dalaa
Towers that do not have to show Al-Dalaa


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