Learn about the 5 most famous underwater places… Cleopatra’s Palace in Alexandria, the most prominent

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Diving is a great way to discover the strangest underwater marine creatures, not only that, but also helps in reaching the exotic places of the world below, whether it is natural caves or even sunken cities full of details and bearing in it the signs of a past history of wonders and miracles, so today reviews Seven are some of these cities, according to the website.booksandtravel” As follows:

Lake Tiberias:

The ancient structure was found in 2003 after a sonar survey of the lake. It is made of basalt rocks arranged in a conical shape, about 70 meters wide, and up to 10 meters high. According to archaeologists, it could be an ancient burial site or a ceremonial site, because The existence of other structures of this size is currently known.

Lake Tiberias structure

Stonehenge in Lake Michigan:

The stone circle was discovered in 2007 during a sonar survey, and it is located 12 meters underwater. You can imagine the people who built it.

Stonehenge in Lake Michigan

Stonehenge in Lake Michigan

Underwater Sculpture Garden, Mulliner:

Created in 2006, the area was renovated after storm damage. The statues provide a habitat for coral reefs and algae. The marine life in the area also gives an eerie feel to the sculptures. Creatures have colonized the statues, making them look like treasures lost from shipwrecks.

Underwater Sculpture Garden, Mulliner
Underwater Sculpture Garden, Mulliner
underwater city
underwater city

Cleopatra’s Palace in Alexandria:

Much of the history of ancient Egypt has disappeared over the centuries, plundered by tomb raiders or the sea recovered during a flood or climatic and geographical change, many believe that Cleopatra’s Palace in Alexandria is one of these lost secrets, which sank during the earthquake, experts have recovered more than 140 pieces An antique, it is currently inaccessible but there are plans to open it one day to divers.

Cleopatra's Palace
Cleopatra’s Palace
Cleopatra's Palace in Egypt
Cleopatra’s Palace in Egypt

Christ of the Abyss, Portofino:

Diver Dario Gonzatti died while diving in “San Frutoso” near Portofino in 1947. Not just a memorial, but it also serves as a point of reference for divers if they encounter difficulty while snorkeling at this place. The statue was removed for renovation in 2003, but returned in 2005. Copies of it are also found in Key Largo, Florida, and St. George, Grenada..

Christ of the Abyss, Portofino
Christ of the Abyss, Portofino


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