7 tricks for a longer-lasting fragrance..Moisturizing is an essential step

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Many of us spray our favorite perfume and wish that it lasts for a long time, but some perfumes after spraying fade after a short period, perhaps because we do not use them in the right way, and there are some ways to spray perfume and store it to get a perfume that lasts for a long time, according to the website.fragrance“.

Spray it right after showering

Spraying the perfume correctly helps to ensure that the perfume remains throughout the day, and the perfume can be sprayed after showering immediately after drying the body.

Make sure to moisturize the skin before spraying the perfume

Applying unscented moisturizing lotion to the body before spraying the perfume is sure to help the perfume stay in better condition.

Spray or pat the skin

To preserve the fabric of the clothes from perfume and to make the perfume last for a long time, you can spray directly on the body to mix with the body’s natural oils.

Spray perfume on pulse points

Perfume reacts with heat, and applying it to your pulse points can help release the scent throughout the day. Try spraying the perfume on the back of the neck, the insides of the elbows or wrists, or the back of the knees.

Apply Vaseline to the pulse points

For more vitality of the fragrance, you can rub a small amount of Vaseline on the pulse points before applying it, and the balm will work to moisturize the body while holding the fragrance significantly for a long time.

Do not rub the fragrance

Rubbing the wrist after spraying the perfume leads to the breakdown of chemicals, so the perfume must be gently sprayed on the skin without resorting to rubbing it after that to last for a long time.

Spray perfume on a hairbrush

Excess perfume lovers can spray it on the brush and comb dry hair, to get a wonderful fragrance, and perfume should not be sprayed directly on the hair, because alcohol may cause some damage.

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girl wearing perfume
girl wearing perfume

pulse points
pulse points


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