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The Civil Service Bureau begins Saturday holding exams to appoint 2,500 teachers

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publish date 2022-08-16 21:17:32

The Civil Service Bureau is holding the first exam session for teachers to complete the appointment of 2,500 additional teachers, depending on the new examination mechanism based on educational competencies, according to the Ministry of Education.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education for Technical and Administrative Affairs, Najwa Qabilat, spoke through the “Kingdom” about the appointment of 1,500 in the past two weeks.

She said that the batch that is subject to the exam is given a period of 3 days to check the results of the exam, then the Civil Service Bureau sends the lists of names to the Ministry of Education so that the ministry can complete the appointment procedures by holding an interview, for which approximately 20% of the competitive mark is allocated.

For each vacancy, 3 teachers who have obtained the highest competitive marks in the competency test are nominated for an interview, according to the tribes, who indicated the need for about a month to complete the appointment of the required teachers.

She explained that the ministry held exams for additional education, and on Sunday, all education directorates will be provided with lists of successful students, arranged in descending order, according to grades from highest to lowest.

Education directors were asked to fill in all vacancies at the expense of additional education until the completion of the remaining vacancies created for the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education is continuing the procedures for renting buildings to replace buildings “it has now been proven, after a number of years of renting, that they are unfit to receive students,” and another part is to create new schools to reduce overcrowding in schools.

She talked about overcrowding due to the transfer of more than 200,000 students from the private sector to the government sector in the past two years. As for maintenance operations, they are continuous operations, and maintenance operations range from construction to routine.

Until last week, the Ministry of Education spent about 8.5 million dinars on maintenance work, then allocated an additional million, and next week an additional million dinars will be allocated to complete maintenance work.

Regarding the furnishing, she said that the ministry continues to complete the manufacture of school chairs, and 14,000 seats will be manufactured in vocational schools and the laboratory equipment center, and 3,000 seats will be made at the University of Science and Technology.

Qabilat said that the University of Jordan donated seats, and on Monday the ministry received about 1,500 seats, in addition to the maintenance work that is being done for the existing school seats, and a thousand dinars were spent as an advance for each education directorate to be able to process the existing furnishing, and these advances are subject to renewal as needed.

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