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Relatively hot weather in most regions of the Kingdom

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publish date 2022-08-16 08:11:29

The Kingdom will bid farewell to the temperate weather starting from Tuesday August, God willing, as it will be affected by a relatively hot air mass rushing from the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. As a result, temperatures rise in all regions of the Kingdom.

In the details, the Kingdom is affected by an air mass that is higher than usual on Tuesday, so that normal summer weather prevails in the mountainous highlands, which tends to heat in the afternoon and afternoon hours, while the weather is hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, Aqaba and the desert areas, and the winds are northwesterly moderate in most areas. The Kingdom, however, is northern on the Aqaba region and active at times. With the afternoon and evening hours, clouds appear at medium and high altitudes in the Badia regions. Scattered showers of rain may be interspersed with them.

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