The legality of the House of Representatives approves the grades of officers and science service

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publish date 2022-08-15 16:18:21

The Parliamentary Legal Committee approved, during a meeting held today, Monday, a draft law amending the Law of Service for Officers in the Jordanian Armed Forces for the year 2022.

Its head, Attorney Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, in the presence of Minister of Justice Ahmed Al-Ziyadat, Director of Military Judiciary, Brigadier General Judge Hazem Al-Majali, and Director of Personnel Affairs, Brigadier General Ahmed Talaat, said that the committee approved the articles of the draft law after studying and discussing it with the attendees and stakeholders.

He explained that the draft law came to codify many procedures, including reviewing vacations, secondments, and assignments, noting that the previous parliament had approved the Individual Service Law, while the current amendments came to keep pace with those amendments to the officers’ service bill.

In turn, Al-Majali said that one of the most prominent amendments to the draft law is that “if the final decision is issued to acquit the officer, or if he is not responsible for what was attributed to him, his trial was prevented, or he died before the issuance of the decision or judgment, then he deserves his full salary and bonuses for the period of his arrest.”

For his part, Talat said that if the officer resigns at his request, he will be returned to the rank and salary that he was receiving.

In a related context, the committee approved a draft law amending the science and reserve service law for the year 2022.

Talaat said that although the military service is currently suspended, he called on male Jordanians to activate the military service book, noting that the draft law exempted the young man from the service, whether he was alone with his parents or one of them, whether they were alive, one of them, deceased, or one of them.

It is noteworthy that the reasons for a draft amending the Flag Service Law came to enable the Jordanian Armed Forces to keep pace with technological developments and automate its services, including the flag service document to become electronic, in addition to any other means decided by the Jordanian Armed Forces, and to determine the minimum period of military service.

The meeting was attended by deputies: Amghair Al-Hamlan, Omar Al-Naber, Dina Al-Bashir, Yazan Shdeifat, Ghazi Al-Dhenbiyat, Suleiman Al-Qallab, Muhammad Al-Shatnawi, Saleh Al-Wukhan, Hayel Ayyash, Khaled Al-Bastahi, Firas Al-Ajarmeh, Suleiman Abu Yahya, Mahmoud Al-Farajat, Bassam Al-Fayez and Dirar Al-Harases. And Aref Al-Saeeda, and successful aggression.

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