She feels that she is not a good wife.. A Thai woman asks for a “mistress” for her husband, and these are the conditions of the job

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A Thai woman revealed by announcing her need for “mistresses” in order to make her husband happy, and Patima Chamnan, 44, from Bangkok, said that she feels like a bad wife. Baht or the equivalent of 424 dollars.

She said in the video: “I want to assign 3 mistresses to my husband. She will be paid at least $424 per month, and she will get free accommodation and free meals, but she has to help me, and two will be assigned to help with documents in my office, and another person will be assigned to take care of me and my husband.” and my child.”

And she continued, I prefer this to ensure that we do not quarrel or disagree, as the newspaper “Mirror” quoted Shamnan, saying, “My husband works hard alone and I just want him to be happy .. They will be friends with me at home.”

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And about Shamnan’s requests in the candidate for this strange job, she said, “She should not have children, because it will be a burden, and she must appear good-looking and tactful, and most importantly, that the female candidates be able to please my husband, and one of the conditions is also, that the candidate be able to keep him with him.” And entertain him, so they should have a good personality.”

Regarding the reasons that prompted her to do so, Shamnan said that she suffers from chronic depression, and this is the reason for her desire to help. She points out that she suffers from chronic depression and feels that she cannot take care of her husband well and that she is not a good wife.

Patagorn husband was surprised when he found the advertisement spread on social media, and when asked he said, I was shocked at first, but I am not against it.. My wife told me that she wanted to find someone to take care of me.. Other men who want to be like me should communicate with their wives About that.. and they should ask permission from their wives so that there will be no problems in the future.. I never wanted to have any mistress but since my wife offered I would not refuse.”


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