If you are open to eating more.. 4 tips to help you control your appetite

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Many times we do not feel full and have a great appetite to eat a lot of foods, and there are other times when overeating is a lifestyle and not an exception, and if you reach this stage, how do you reduce it? There are steps to reduce this behavior, so it reviews “The Seventh Day” “Signs of Binge Eating and How to Stop It”houstonmethodist” As follows:

“Overeating is eating more than what is necessary to fuel your body, whether it is on purpose or not, we all do it at some point,” says Kylie Arendell, a health nutritionist at Houston Methodist. in stomach.

Signs of overeating

Eating beyond satiety, which is to continue eating even if you are full.

You find yourself eating subconsciously because you are bored or distracted.

You experience physical symptoms after eating, including nausea, abdominal discomfort, gas, bloating, or heartburn.

Unwanted weight gain.

difficulty losing weight

Long-term digestive discomfort.

How to stop overeating:

First: Know the allowed portion sizes

You should take advantage of the food labels and the allowed quantities of foods, in addition, it is preferable to eat in a small plate to make you feel that the food is plenty and that you have finished a large amount of it.

Secondly, fiber should be included in meals

Vegetables with cheese may both contain the same amount of calories, which can help a feeling of fullness reduce overeating tendencies, so you should include fiber in meals, since cheese is less satiating, so eating vegetables with it makes you feel full quickly.

Third: Avoid skipping meals

Intermittent fasting based on skipping meals is a trendy diet right now, but for some people, “skipping meals can cause extreme hunger and lead to episodes of binge eating once you finally eat,” warns experts. Instead, it’s best to eat healthy snacks between meals or eat smaller meals regularly throughout the day.

Fourth: stay hydrated

Especially when you’re feeling hungry or craving a snack when you shouldn’t, drinking a few sips of water can help you determine if you’re really hungry or just thirsty, and keeping up with your water intake throughout the day can help you avoid feeling hungry. hungry.

Eating too much


large quantities of food
large quantities of food


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