After the “hawk” of the San Francisco metro, 5 thousand trained chickens fight locusts in China, “video”

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Five thousand chickens underwent special training to fight locusts, and recently set out to carry out tasks to protect the ecosystem in separate areas of the Chinese province of Xinjiang. and aviation, according to Euronews.

The local Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the city of Ili, in the aforementioned Chinese province, has adopted insect-resistant chickens as a way to control locusts in cultivated lands, and these chickens in terms of weight, taste, activity and strength are high-quality chickens, and they are environmentally friendly.


On the other hand, it is noteworthy that metro passengers in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, have noticed a new station guard in recent months, as 5-year-old Harris Hawk, named Pac-Man, took over the protection of the station. El Cerrito del NorteNot for the fare dodgers, but the pigeons.

According to the Reuters website, Ricky Ortiz, a falconer with the falcon “Pac-Man”, began patrolling with the bird at the station this summer, contracting with the Gulf Rapid Transit System to keep pigeons away and protect passengers from pigeon droppings..

The team patrols 3 days a week, beginning their day at the basement entrance before discovering the docks, and spooking out any pigeons resting on a ledge or on the inner scaffold of the station. Falcon”.

So far, the Falcon has been a hit with travelers, with Ryder Bethany Campbell, 43, taking a selfie with Ortiz and Pac-Man to send to her family..

“We have family in the Midwest and the South and they think everything in the Bay Area is weird, so the idea of ​​raptors here to wipe out birds is just a funny idea for them,” Campbell said, adding that she was scared for the first time when she saw the hawk but thought Now it’s cool.


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