A small fish in Wales whose thorn causes more pain than the suffering of childbirth.. and warnings of its sting

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The Coast Guard has issued an urgent safety warning amid multiple reports of beachgoers being stung by a small fish in North Wales.GwyneddIt was said that 11 people “dassaulted” on a fish, the thorns of which can cause excruciating pain, and it is said that it is “worse than the pain of childbirth”, according to the British “Daily Mail” website.

The Coast Guard in Anglesey said that the reports were “no cause for concern”, but advised beach visitors to wear a special type of shoe, although the fish are small in size, about 8 centimeters long, but stepping on them causes severe pain, and is usually found at the edge of the water. At low tide, it buries itself directly under the sand, leaving protruding back spines.

A vacationer said that her daughter received first aid on Tywin Beach, last week, after she unexpectedly stepped on a fish twice.She added, “The accident paralyzed her big toe, her foot was boiling, and it took us half an hour to perform first aid.”

poisonous fish

These fish are found on beaches across the UK and can be found half-buried in the sand all year round, but the bites reach their peak during the summer as the beaches become more crowded..

A spokesman from the Coast Guard said: “The treatment for bites is to immerse the foot in hot water. The pain after the bite will fade gradually, knowing that the sting causes swelling, itching and numbness.”

Doctors advise taking paracetamol with antihistamines when exposed to a fish sting, and in case the condition worsens, you must go to the hospital. The worst symptoms of the sting include severe swelling and bleeding, chest pain and difficulty breathing, and the thorns stuck in the foot can be removed using forceps.


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