A cat achieves fame on social media thanks to his fluffy fur and unnatural looks (photos)

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A cat became famous on social media with crossed eyes thanks to its lush fur and quick, funny looks, and Fedya, a three-year-old cat from Rostov, Russia, drew some attention online after her owner, Natalia Zhdanova, 41, posted her clips of the funny cat on a website. Instagram.

Born with a coordination disorder and struggling to move, the cat was afraid he might not survive when she found him in her back garden nearly three years ago. However, the pet is now thriving and his soft gray fur has made him a huge hit on the internet. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Report from the Daily Mail

Natalia Zhdanova, 41, was persuaded to post pictures of Vidya online by her friend – and now there are more than 88,000 fans on the social media platform..

cat while playing
cat while playing

funny cat shape
funny cat shape


Natalia said: “I love photographing cats, but they don’t really like them, so I have to take care of them, play with them, our cats are very fond of licking each other, and such videos are very satisfying for our subscribers.

She affirms: “People really like photos and videos with the cat, it evokes good feelings and wonderful emotions. Vidya’s kind behavior has proven a huge success with his fans,” Natalia is glad that her pet makes people happy.


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