5 essential tips to take care of oily hair in the summer.. Beware of the blow dry

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Oily hair is one of the most types of hair that needs care, as it causes many problems and embarrassment for its owner. To wash the hair one day, which may cause more damage to hair loss, so we address during this report, according to the Indian “Bold Sky” website, tips for oily hair care.

Oily hair wash

hair wash

Normal hair should be washed once a week, but oily hair is preferable to wash it every three days and not every day. Washing it every day may cause dryness due to the disposal of all the natural oils and fats present in the scalp. The scalp needs some natural oils and fats that help in nourishment. Washing Daily is harmful and may cause the scalp to lose all the beneficial oils and fats, so it must be washed every 3 days.

Oily hair care methods
Oily hair care methods


You should avoid buying shampoos that contain a high percentage of sulfates, and it is preferable that the shampoo be chosen by a specialist doctor. Completely eliminates fat.


Many believe that owners of oily hair cannot use a conditioner because it is known about the conditioner as a way to moisturize the hair, but in fact, moisturizing the hair is very important. More fat excretion.

Correct care for oily hair
Correct care for oily hair

away from heat

It is preferable to stay away from straightening the hair in ways that involve the use of high temperatures such as blow-dry and irons, as they may cause the pores to open, thus increasing the secretion rate.

Hair Masks

It is possible to make masks for oily hair with oils that suit the nature of your scalp, but it is preferable to do it weekly or every period ranging from 8 to 10 days

Masks for greasy hair
Masks for greasy hair


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