4 tips before buying used furniture.. Focus on the sound and turn on the insects

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The world is turning to less waste to protect the environment, whether it’s clothes or furniture. Buying used furniture has become popular in many places, on the one hand it protects the environment and on the other hand it reduces costs and expenses. Therefore, the seventh day reviews some tips and points that must be taken into account before buying used furniture, according to the “Site” website. mymove” As follows:

Try Furniture Before Buying:

Whether you buy used furniture from stores, websites, or even from auctions, you should try the furniture before buying it by opening the drawers and hearing the sound of the doors, reviewing the glass, sitting on the chairs, and even if something is damaged in the used furniture, you must make sure that it can be repaired easily, at an unimaginable amount. Charged.

Do not buy as soon as the price is right for you:

Furniture that was in someone else’s house may carry the smells of the previous owners, when buying furniture consider this in your decision, you may give off some smells from it, such as cigarette smells or even pet smells.

Insect inspection of furniture:

You have to make sure that the furniture is clean and free of insects and wood mites, in order to avoid many problems resulting from it. There are insects such as bedbugs that do not die easily in addition to the expensive disposal costs, in addition to the negative effects on the body.

Before buying a children’s room, check its validity:

There is no doubt about the naughtiness and riots of children, which can cause many problems, such as many bed sheets or the removal of the sash more than once, which leads to the inability to repair it. Before buying, you should check the room well before buying.

used furniture

used furniture
used furniture

Used rooms
Used rooms


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