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The parcel post trade unfairly competes

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publish date 2022-08-15 22:52:09

The representative of the clothing sector in the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Asaad Al-Qawasmi, said on Monday that the postal parcel trade is unfairly competing, and an undesirable competitor from the clothing sector.

He added through the “Voice of the Kingdom” program: “We encourage electronic sales, and there is a kind of modernization and development, and it is present in the whole world, and we are part of the world, but we have a confrontation in electronic sales through postal parcels through social networking sites.”

Al-Qawasmi stressed the need to organize the electronic sales process from the concerned authorities and protect the merchant, who is the added value to the country and pays salaries, wages, ceilings, high operational value, customs duties and sales tax.

He noted that “the government must protect the merchant; About 50,000 workers are employed in the sector.

For his part, the representative of the leather and knitting industries sector in the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Ihab Qadri, explained the necessity of regulating legislation to ensure high competitiveness between the manufacturer and the trader.

Qadri said: In the local market as a local industry, there are many challenges, and one of these challenges is e-commerce.

He continued: We incur customs duties, sales tax, energy and production costs; Thus, we are losing our competitiveness, which has led to the loss of 13% of the local industry, which used to constitute about 50% of the volume of the commercial market, and one of the justifications for this is the postal parcels.

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