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A Jordanian woman and her son graduate from the same university and major in one day

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publish date 2022-08-15 09:42:54

The Compass – After dropping out of education at the age of 15, a Jordanian woman fulfilled her dream of completing her university education, graduating with her son on the same day with the same major and university, with distinction.

Samira Nuseirat was able to turn her suffering with early marriage and dropping out of school into an exciting success story.

Samira, who dropped out of education, was watching her friends on their way to school, and despite the passage of years, she did not give up on her dream.

After she gave birth to 6 children, she decided to return to school, and began studying with her son in secondary school, and she was one of the first.

She completed her studies with her son at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, and graduated from Yarmouk University with a master’s degree in educational administration in conjunction with her son’s graduation in the same specialization on the same day.

Samira said, “She studied with her son the same major and the same subjects, and they met in a number of lectures with each other, and university life was very beautiful, as she was competing with her son to get a higher rate.”

For his part, her son, Moaz al-Daajah, said that his studies with his mother have been since his failure in high school, as his mother wanted to encourage him, and prove that success in high school is an easy matter, as they took the exam together and succeeded, and his mother excelled and entered the university.

And about his feelings while his mother is studying with him in the same class, Moaz said that his feelings are indescribable, especially when the doctor checked to attend, and was absent, when he was calling Samira and her son or Moaz and his mother.

The mother and son aspire to complete their studies and obtain a PhD together.


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