Queen Elizabeth’s most famous fashion .. “Her wedding dress included 10,000 pearls”

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Queen Elizabeth II, reigning queen for 70 years, is the first queen in the history of England to celebrate the platinum jubilee. According to the “Bride” website.


When Princess Elizabeth II was young she was very elegant and wore simple yet elegant dresses, with luxurious fabrics, and which she wore with her sister, Princess Margaret.

November 20, 1947

She wore a gown at her wedding to Prince Philip on November 20, 1947, and the gown was a masterpiece, with 10,000 pearls, lots of crystals, and ivory silk, and she wore the Queen Mary Fringe’s tiara that belonged to her grandmother.

January 1951

Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the island of Malta in a pale purple dress, with the most gorgeous fur.

October 12 1951

The then princess appeared during her visit to Ottawa, Canada in 1951 wearing an elegant pink dress, featuring a floral lace pattern, with the Nizam Hyderabadi tiara and a sapphire and diamond Greville necklace.

January 1, 1953 Coronation Day

On her coronation day, Queen Elizabeth II wore a dress that took about a year to complete. The dress was made of silk and was very precious and had floral emblems of both the United Kingdom and other states, within the Commonwealth of Nations like the English Tudor rose.


Queen Elizabeth II wore a green dress when visiting the first lady of France, Germaine Coty, and this dress featured a large full skirt and delicate beads on the chest area.

June 1961

Queen Elizabeth II was elegant in her blue dress with Jackie Kennedy, who was with her husband John F. Kennedy visiting England.

Orange flower March 9, 1983

Queen Elizabeth II wore an orange poppy embroidered dress over the top and a white skirt, and it looked stunning, without the tiara or hat that always accompanies it.


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