How to make korean rice cake at home

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A housewife may like to change the foods that her family members eat, especially in making sweets. A new dish can be made to suit the family greatly. There are famous rice cakes in South Korea and are considered one of the most popular foods when they celebrate, and they are healthy traditional Korean pastries, sweet that melt in The mouth is soft with a waxy feel. There is a way to make Korean steam rice cake that is quick and delicious at the same time, according to the website.yumofchina“.

How to make korean rice cake

the ingredients

250 gm rice flour

25g sticky rice flour

60 grams granulated sugar

About 50 ml of water, to get a suitable dough texture

Dried fruits for garnish

How to make korean rice cake


Put the rice flour in a large bowl by sifting it through a sieve, gradually adding small amounts of water, and rubbing the flour with your fingers until it is completely mixed and holds together.


Add granulated sugar to the rice flour mixture in a sieve, add water evenly and stir with a scraper, prepare a steamer covered with baking paper and put the mixture gently in the steamer

The surface is smoothed and flattened with chopsticks or with a ruler, marking eight equal parts on the surface, and cutting them with a knife so that the cake comes off easily after cooking.

step 3

Garnish each part with dried fruits and put the lid on the steamer, cook for 20 minutes, then simmer for 5 minutes.

Tips for making the perfect rice cake

Only the right amount of water should be added to bring the flour together

The proportion of rice flour and sticky rice flour can be adjusted to taste, and the texture will be more waxy if more sticky rice flour is added.

– If a steamer is not available, you can use a bowl covered with gauze, and sprinkle the gauze with some sugar to prevent it from sticking

Covering the bowl with a piece of steamed cloth will prevent water from dripping onto the surface of the rice cake, ensuring that it maintains a smooth appearance.

– It is best to cut the cake before it is steamed, because steaming will lead to the division of the parts naturally, which will then facilitate its division easily.

korean cake

split the cake
split the cake

shape when presenting
shape when presenting

The method of work
The method of work


rice cake
rice cake


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