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In a funny scene, a picture of a BBC reporter, wearing shorts, a suit jacket and a shirt, was revealed during a live news broadcast outside the studio, in an attempt to relieve himself from the difficult weather in light of the high temperatures in Britain, according to the newspaper. What was reported by the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the political editor of “BBC Northern Ireland” wore Enda McClaverty an impeccable blue jacket, shirt and tie, which appeared in front of viewers, but what the audience did not see was that the reporter was wearing short shorts which appeared from another camera shot.

Announcer wearing shorts

Temperatures in the UK were high this week, and the Met Office warned that mercury could rise further to the official heatwave standards, and the reporter’s order was revealed when a local resident with eagle eyes shared a video clip showing reporter Mac Clafferty, on TV, as Putting on a jacket and shirt, the resident ran outside to reveal the rest of his clothes.

And this incident was not the only one of this kind, as the cameras inside the studio previously revealed an Australian broadcaster who was confidently reading the bulletin wearing his elegant suit, but it seems that the suit was not complete, as he was satisfied with the upper part only, completing his look with “shorts” instead of pants.

While the announcer did not appear on the screen in front of the audience in this way, because the front camera shows only his upper half, while his feet hide under a desk, a video clip was shared on TikTok Ben Jubana appears, presenting to ABC News When temperatures in parts of the northern region rose to 45 degrees Celsius.

And according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported – at the time – the young broadcaster appeared confident and elegant while presenting the news bulletin, while the cameras captured him inside the studio wearing “shorts” instead of completing his elegance with trousers..

Some broadcast the pictures of the young anchor, Ben Gobana, on “Tik Tok”, freeing himself from his clothes in a temperature that reached 45 degrees Celsius, and commented on them by the audience, “When you have the news at seven o’clock, but the barbecue party is at eight.”


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