4 public libraries offer activities for children, from cinema to teaching etiquette and crafts

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When subscribing to a club or academies to join a child in an intellectual activity, we are surprised at very high prices, and at the same time the state provides many public and affiliated places such as cultural centers and the public library that offer many activities for free or for small amounts that are negligible, so the seventh day reviews Some of the libraries that you can go to all year round on weekends or all year round.

Egypt Public Library:

The Public Library of Egypt is a library spread all over the Republic and offers many subsidized activities such as teaching etiquette and the subscription reaches 100 pounds from the age of 6 years, a course for preparing leaders from the age of 4 years with a participation of 130 pounds, and a self-confidence course from the age of 4 years with a participation of 130 pounds, and there Many daily courses, which start at 30 pounds.

Egypt Public Library

Egypt library
Egypt library

Heliopolis Library:

Heliopolis Library is a public library that provides many activities such as internal viewing, external borrowing, attending and holding seminars and parties, searching through the Internet, Wi-Fi service, search and printing service.

Heliopolis Library
Heliopolis Library

future library:

As for the Future Library, this library provides many activities and courses in technology and languages ​​for young ages, in addition to containing cinemas.

future library
future library

6th of October Public Library:

As for the 6th of October Public Library, it allows visitors, whether subscribers or not, more distinctive and different activities, as it allows the establishment and hosting of workshops for handicrafts and internal and external lending, and it also provides special care for the visually impaired and hearing.

6th of October Public Library
6th of October Public Library


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