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Teaching philosophy either with a “straightened curriculum” or without any need

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publish date 2022-08-14 13:12:25

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Professor of Islamic Studies, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jarmi, warned in his statements to “compass“From the danger of returning the philosophy curriculum to our students without a curriculum and an integrated plan that guarantees the existence of educational competencies to deliver this course and the ideas it contains with a “straight approach” to the minds of our children within the “knowledge system in the Qur’an and Sunnah,” stressing at the same time that if the goal of This matter is teaching metaphysics and increasing students’ doubts and influencing their faith, as this is an incomplete education and an unnecessary danger to the minds of our children.

Al-Jarmi said that the subject of philosophy is one of the subjects that Muslims studied, because it is about “knowing the facts through reason,” noting that Muslims practiced it in ancient and modern times and digested other Greek, Roman and even Indian philosophies, and acquired an Islamic character, and some people agreed in this and others failed in it.

He pointed out that the study of philosophy according to the Islamic view, there is nothing wrong with that because the lesson is in the curriculum. If the curriculum is “straight” and this means that the curriculum prescribed for students absorbs the subject of philosophy and gives the professor the opportunity to give them the cognitive system in the Qur’an and Sunnah, then there is nothing wrong with it.

best philosophy books

Al-Jarmi pointed out that “one of the best books in this field (The Story of Faith: Between Philosophy, Science and the Qur’an by Sheikh Nadim Al-Jisr), he spoke about philosophy in a long appendix, and said that the reader of philosophy finds on its shores deviation and error, and in its depth of security and faith.”

Dr.. Ibrahim Al-Jarmi: The Reliable in the Success of Teaching Philosophy to Our Students with Good Presentation and Teaching Curriculum

He continued by saying: “This is true, because if a person really delves into philosophy and is able to understand the view of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, there is nothing wrong with that, but the question is: Can our professors today really gain philosophy this integrated dress from the look at the philosophy of the Greeks, Greeks, Romans and Islamic philosophy? “.

He added: “If we are able to do that, it is good and a blessing, and will the student actually benefit from this course, if the best teacher is through the correct approach in education, the benefit will be achieved. The first.”

There is no need for incomplete education

Al-Jarmi explained that, “Philosophy is one of its most important subjects” metaphysics (metaphysics)” the unseen, unseen things, and this issue has been solved for us in Islamic law.

And he said: Yes, in the Greeks they used to think of the controlling power of this universe, and they called it (the first intellect, the active intellect) and so on, but we Muslims call this power (God is the Creator of everything).

He continued, the issue of where creation began, and what after death? Philosophy talks about physics and metaphysics, existence and beyond existence, noting by saying: As long as all these issues are resolved in the Sharia, in my opinion, the matter needs to be studied, if the teacher is able to collect this balanced information and deliver it correctly to the student, it can be taught, but if the professor wants to teach us Only “metaphysics” is beyond nature and increases students’ suspicions and affects their beliefs, so there is no need for this incomplete education.

It is worth noting that the Humanities Committee of the Education Council approved last week the general framework for social studies from the first to second secondary grades, which includes the introduction of philosophy in the curriculum for the first secondary and second secondary grades “Tawjihi” in a separate book.

There was a state of controversy that prevailed after this decision on social networking sites about the return of philosophy education and the desired benefit from it, between those who see it as a development of thinking and logic skills among students, not infidelity, and among those who see it as a threat to the belief of our students, which may affect their beliefs and may contribute to bringing them to cases Infidelity and atheism.

The Ministry of Education stopped teaching philosophy in Jordan with independent curricula 46 years ago.


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