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A proposal to establish an economic zone based on gas in the Risha area

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publish date 2022-08-13 23:29:00

On Saturday, the Director-General of the Amman Chamber of Industry, Nael Al-Hussami, spoke about a conversation that brings together the Chamber’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources regarding a “large national project” for industrial zones such as Al-Muwaqar, Sahab and Al-Qastal.

Al-Hussami indicated, through “The Kingdom,” to work on an economic zone that depends on gas in the Risha region, which is believed to have a promising future.

He stressed that many industries need energy, such as the chemical or fertilizer industries and other industries.

The average quantities of natural gas consumed in industries amounted to 24 million cubic feet per day during 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The data indicated that the production of the Risha field of gas reached during 2021 about 6510 million cubic feet, at a daily rate of 17.8 million cubic feet, an increase of 22% from the year 2020, and the ministry talked about raising the production capacity of the Risha field to about 32 million cubic feet per day.

Al-Hussami considered that the numbers are “very promising”, because energy is the main entry point in the industry, and without cheap energy, the industry will not be able to compete.

Al-Hussami said: “What we understood is that the capacity is not only 30 million, but it can be increased to 50 million, but that depends…” on future demand, and he talked about the possibility of saving half the cost paid for diesel, industrial fuel or liquefied petroleum gas, when using natural gas.

“If we use the gas from the Risha field, we can save about 60%,” because the government is now moving towards encouraging the use of Risha gas and has given an appropriate price, which will attract a lot of investments to the region.

The Cabinet previously agreed on pricing the natural gas produced from the Risha gas field for private consumers to create an encouraging environment for investment by attracting investors to build investment projects based on Risha gas, whether in the eastern regions or in areas that will be able to benefit from compressed natural gas or natural gas. liquefied.

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