San Francisco metro hires birds of prey to scare away pigeons.. know the details

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Metro riders in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, have noticed a new station guard in recent months, as 5-year-old Harris’ hawk Pac-Man has taken over guarding the station. El Cerrito del NorteNot for the fare dodgers, but the pigeons.

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According to the Reuters website, “Ricky Ortiz, a falconer with the falcon “Pac-Man”, began patrolling the bird at the station this summer, contracting with the Gulf Rapid Transit System to keep pigeons away and protect passengers from pigeon droppings.

The team patrols 3 days a week, beginning their day at the basement entrance before discovering the docks, and terrifying any pigeons resting on a ledge or on the inner scaffold of the station.

So far, a significant difference has been observed, and according to the report, “there were less than half of the pigeons after a week of the falcon’s presence.”

So far, the Falcon has been a hit with travelers, as Ryder Bethany Campbell, 43, snapped a selfie with Ortiz and Pac-Man to send to her family.

“We have family in the Midwest and the South and they think everything in the Bay Area is weird, so the idea of ​​raptors here to wipe out birds is just a funny idea for them,” Campbell said, adding that she was terrified when she first saw the hawk but thought Now it’s awesome.


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