Natural recipes for nail care at home.. will strengthen them and make them grow

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Some women suffer from the problem of weak nails as a result of various reasons, including not following a healthy diet rich in nutrients, washing dishes without wearing hand gloves, exposure to a lot of water, and other reasons that lead to weak nails, their growth and care, and to treat this problem, we review in this report Natural recipes to strengthen nails by following several simple steps, according to the website “helloglo“.

Natural recipes for nail care

Tea tree oil for nails

Tea tree oil is proven to be antifungal and strengthens nails, so it is recommended to apply 1-2 drops of tea tree essential oil daily on the nails, to prevent fungal nail infections.

Natural recipes for nail care

Garlic nail care

Evidence has shown that garlic has effects on fungi, so it is recommended to mash several cloves and add it to a transparent nail polish bottle, after cleaning it and leave it soaked for at least a week, then apply the solution to the nail to help kill the fungus and pave the way for the growth of strong nails.

nail care recipes
nail care recipes

Eggshell nail care recipe

If the nails are yellow or discolored, you can make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in equal quantities, then massage the nails with the mixture and leave it for a few minutes, then wash the nails with water.

nail care
nail care

Lemon juice recipe for nails

Lemon juice helps lighten the nails and remove stains, and vitamin C promotes the growth and strengthening of nails, so it is recommended to prepare a cotton swab, mix it with lemon and wipe the nails with it, and leave it to dry. A slice of lemon can be rubbed on the nail, and left to dry, with the recipe repeated twice per week, to get strong and light nails.

olive oil nail care recipe

You can add a few drops of lemon juice to two tablespoons of olive oil and put them in a cup in the microwave for 15 seconds until the solution becomes warm, then massage the nails with the solution and leave it for 30 minutes, or overnight to get a positive result.


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