Middle Brother Day.. Personal qualities of the second born, most notably rebellion

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Personal characteristics differ from one child to another, even in the siblings of the same family, especially the middle child, which comes after parents learn from their mistakes in raising the eldest child. In this report, we review the most important personality traits and the impact of his arrangement among his siblings on him, according to the website “parents“.

Middle child personality traits

When parents have a second child, they may take less care of it as a result of their previous experience with the first child, and they may not care about it with a young child. : “Well, I’m not the oldest.. I’m not the youngest.. who am I? “And this kind of hierarchical confusion pushes the child to leave his mark among his siblings, in order to draw the attention of his parents to him.”

The average children have some personality traits, which are:

– Striving to please people.

– Somewhat rebellious.

– Forming friendships.

Spreading peace among the people.


The middle brother tends to go with the flow, but once the younger brother arrives, he learns how to constantly negotiate and compromise with everyone, and tries to prove himself through his academic excellence, and because he receives less attention from those around him, he is keen to be friends and less Link to his family from his siblings.

middle brother
middle brother

All the time, the middle sibling feels that he is in a difficult situation believing that his parents ignore him and do not value him, and a 2016 research in the Journal of Human Resources found that parents do not provide younger children the same cognitive support that they provide to firstborn.

The second child among his siblings
The second child among his siblings


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