It has turned into a tourist attraction.. Learn the secret of an abandoned Boeing plane in a field in Bali

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An abandoned Boeing 737 parked in the middle of a field in Bali years ago has become a popular tourist attraction. The large aircraft is located in a limestone quarry near Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Expressway, not far from Pandawa Beach, which is the center of Tourist, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Some Bali residents have guessed that the plane was thrown there by an ambitious businessman eager to set up and operate a restaurant inside. With the appearance of runway ramps supported against the front entrance, the plane became a tourist attraction with a travel guide saying that it was “difficult to locate and next to it was a group of shipping containers.

abandoned plane

Part of an abandoned Boeing on a beach
Part of an abandoned Boeing on a beach

The British newspaper report makes clear that the parked plane does not bear any identification or trademarks on it, and it is not the only retired Boeing 737 plane on the island, as other abandoned planes have been spotted in other parts, some of which are used as tourist attractions.

While some speculated that the plane, which does not contain engines, and that it was another abandoned restaurant idea or was planned to be used as a home, and is believed to have been in this place since 2007, and was used as a venue for events in 2018, another retired plane was also seen on top of a cliff On Niang Niang Beach in 2021, as a tourist attraction and there were plans to convert it into a villa.

Another abandoned plane
Another abandoned plane

Abandoned Boeing
Abandoned Boeing


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