How do you make your skin fresh naturally without makeup? 8 smart solutions

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Every girl wants to look beautiful even if she does not put cosmetics and makeup on her face, so that she feels extra confident about her appearance, to look beautiful and naturally attractive, and every girl should have a certain routine in skin care, and the girl may not put mascara or blush To show her beauty, according to the site “Bold Sky“.

Skip the mascara

Every girl takes care of her eyelashes to make the eyes wide and look beautiful, and the eyelashes can be made longer without using mascara. Almond oil or coconut oil can be placed on the eyelashes every night, and painted the eyelashes in the morning with a layer of Vaseline to make them thick.

Peeling skin

You must exfoliate the skin once a week, to remove the dead grandfather from the skin, and make the skin glowing after that, and it should not be rubbed hard, and granulated sugar can be added to the cleanser and rubbed gently to get smooth skin.

Drinking water

Drink hot water with lemon juice every morning to flush out toxins from the body, and to make the body feel the moisture it needs.

pimple problems

You must stop touching any pimples on the skin so that they do not spread on the skin quickly, and do not rub the forehead, and the skin must be allowed to breathe, so that any pimples on the face heal on its own.

Important golden rule

After washing the face, sunscreen should be applied to the skin, before leaving the house. A non-greasy moisturizer can be used, and if the skin is dry, a heavy moisturizer can be used.

Take care of the eyebrows

Eyebrows should be perfect and should not be neglected because they are in the focus, because perfectly shaped eyebrows make the face attractive and bright.

Stick to the basics

It is better than applying a foundation cream, is skin care, you must keep the skin clean and spray it with rose water twice a day, to get a fresh look, and use a toner because it helps restore the balance of the pH of the skin.

lip care

A smile with beautiful lips gives its owner confidence, and the lips can be rubbed with a wet toothbrush and moisturized with lip balm to get rid of cracks, and great attention should be given to the teeth by washing them twice a day to be whiter.

Skin care


curly eyelashes
curly eyelashes


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