Garbage bag design.. Great demand for Balenciaga bag after “photos” were released

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The French “Balenciaga” bag, designed in the form of “garbage bags”, witnessed a huge demand as soon as it was launched in more than one color, black, white, cyan and yellow, after the brand announced the new design and received a lot of criticism because it is designed in the form of a garbage bag, but at a price of 1700 dollars, As published by the site philstar.


And the French brand, “Balenciaga”, continued to issue its strange designs, whether in clothes or accessories, the latest of which was a black women’s bag in the form of a “garbage bag”, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.


The report published in the British newspaper indicated that the new bag is priced at $ 1,700 (£ 1,469), and is available in 3 different colors such as black, white and blue, and is designed with a handle to carry it.


It seems that the French brand, from its strange and controversial designs, wants to make a fuss and become the talk of people from time to time, and this was confirmed by the creative director at Balenciaga , Demna Gvasalia who said to HypeBeast The bag was made to make a fuss, I can’t miss the chance to make the world’s most expensive trash bag.”

Black Color

And the strange designs of the French brand reached celebrities who appeared in it in artistic events, such as reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who appeared in a black suit that hid her face, and was designed by “Balenciaga”.

At the couture show, star Nicole Kidman wore a silver foil dress, which looked like a collection of leftover fabrics, and was also designed by the famous brand.

As usual, the new design of “Balenciaga” did not go unnoticed by the pioneers of social networking sites and the brand’s customers, as many of them indicated that the global company is making fun of its customers with its strange designs.


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