Behaving like humans .. a cat amazes social media pioneers while drinking water “video”

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Social media has become a very special place for posting funny and strange videos, especially for animals, and what surprised social media pioneers this time is watching a video of an animal imitating human behavior as if it were one of them. Like a human being, she quenches her thirst from this machine that is in almost every home.

One of the people who posted this video was a Twitter account called:BuitengebiedenAnd he says that it is important to publish matters related to the positive side, and the video on this account only had about 8 million views until Saturday noon, and it was republished by more than 38,000 tweets, and more than 267 thousand others liked it, according to what was reported by the “ndtv” website. .

The account was satisfied with a brief comment on the video, in which he said: “Keep yourself hydrated.” The duration of the video does not exceed 12 seconds, and a cat appears on its hind feet and presses with one of the front feet on the blue tap switch, so that the water remains flowing to drink.

The account did not indicate where the video was published, when it was filmed, or any other details, but it published another video of the cat from another angle, in order to prove that the video was apparently completely real, and comments poured in describing the animals as smart and beautiful, while others considered the video the ideal model for Observational learning, in which cats take the championship position.

A third team stated that the video is a reminder to allocate quantities of drinking water for pets, especially in light of the high temperature that characterizes the summer.

Cat drinking from a water cooler


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