6 important tips to maintain the safety of the washing machine.. The load and filter are the most important

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The washing machine is a very important device in any home, so it is necessary to maintain it, and deal in an orderly manner for fear of some malfunctions, so we discuss during this report important tips to maintain the washing machine for the longest life of the washing machine, according to the website urbancompany

washing machine care

flat surface

Many mistakes we make when placing the washing machine, some ignore the knowledge of its level, so it is necessary to maintain and follow the level of the floor on which the base is placed, as when operating the washing machine, the movement and vibrations of the washing machine press on the level on which it is placed, in case the level is not equal It will cause base problems, washer wear and tile cracking over time, so the washer must be on an even surface.

Clean the washing machine filter regularly

Upon completion of a new clothes cycle, permanent maintenance must be done to clean the washing machine filter, and to get rid of dirt and residues of threads and lint resulting from the clothes, to get rid of the previous residue load to help the washing machine work again without heaviness, and it is also preferable to wash the filter with clean water other than washing water.

Do not overload the washing machine with many things

Some people want to finish washing faster, so they resort to putting large quantities of clothes, and sometimes we may exceed the prescribed capacity of clothes, as heavy loads can cause problems in the washing machine and malfunction, it may lead to its separation and its inability to operate again.

Clean the washing machine

Some of us think that the washing machine is able to clean itself due to the presence of water in it for a long time, but this is a misconception because a lot of detergents and food residues can cause the presence of bacteria that may affect the efficiency of the washing machine and not clean the clothes well, so it is preferable to operate the washing machine. With a light load of water with the addition of a little baking soda or white vinegar

Cleaning detergent drawers

It is preferable to wipe and clean the detergent drawers, and be sure to know the appropriate amount of detergent.

leave the distance

When installing the washing machine, it is preferable to leave a distance from the wall, and also to keep the door of the washing machine open after the completion of washing for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, to eliminate odors, to work on drying the air.

How to get rid of washing machine dirt
How to get rid of washing machine dirt
Washing machine maintenance tips
Washing machine maintenance tips


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