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What is behind the plans of the occupation at Ramon Airport.. Elites warn and demand urgent action

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publish date 2022-08-13 13:35:14

Dr.. Ahmed Nofal: Whoever believes that “Israel” turned it against Jordan and Palestine by operating Ramon Airport is delusional

Yasser Al-Zaatara: Ramon Airport is part of a larger scheme to liquidate the Palestinian cause

Bassam Badarin: Ramon Airport is a stab in the side of Jordan and a soft transfer for the Palestinians

Maher Abu Tir: The silence of the Palestinian Authority on “Ramon Airport” will seem like a stab at Jordan

Amman – Raed Sobeih

Jordanian and Palestinian political elites have warned of the danger of the occupation’s plans to impose on the ground by facilitating the travel of Palestinians through “Ramon Airport”, stressing at the same time that the matter does not stop only at the economic and political damage that will be inflicted on the Jordanian and Palestinian sides, but that it will be further removed. Instead, as part of an integrated project and a larger scheme to “liquidate the Palestinian cause.”

The elites emphasized that the danger of the occupation and its continuing ambitions in Jordan and Palestine did not stop and will not stop, warning at the same time of what they described as a “soft transfer” and a new dagger that will be planted in the side of Jordan if the occupation scheme succeeds in operating the “Ramon Airport”.

The existence of “Israel” is a threat to the Arab and Islamic world

Professor of Political Science at Yarmouk University, Dr. Ahmed Nofal, warned in his statements to Al-Basala that anyone who expects anything positive from the Zionist enemy that occupies the Palestinian territories, towards Jordan, the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, is delusional.

Nofal stressed that the mere presence of the “Israeli occupation” in Palestine constitutes a threat to security and stability in the region and threatens Jordan in particular, the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that “anything that comes from the Zionist occupation is in its interest, not in the interest of Jordan or its future, nor in the interest of the Palestinian people. This is a settled issue.”

Nofal continued his speech by saying: When Netanyahu was saying (if Iraq possesses nuclear weapons, this threatens Israel, and if Sudan opens a school in its south, this threatens Israel), how about Sudan, which is thousands of kilometers away from Palestine while Jordan is very close, so how will the occupation view anything It comes through Jordan and is not in his favour, as a greater and more severe threat to its existence.

He pointed out that “Israel” is like a spider’s web, frail and weak to the point that it is not confident of its presence in the region, and its strength today lies in the fact that the Arabs are weak, but if the Arabs and Muslims unite in front of this enemy, it will be powerless without American external support along with Arab disintegration.

Dr.. Ahmed Nofal: Whoever expects anything positive from the occupation towards Jordan and Palestine and their interests is more important

However, he added, “This entity that wants to control this region without reactions is delusional. This is a reality that will not last.”

Although Nofal believes that Ramon Airport will not pose any threat to Jordan and its stability, he stressed, “We must always be aware and wary that normalizing relations with the Zionist entity through negotiations or the Wadi Araba agreement and other agreements, will not stop the ambitions of the occupation in Jordan, This was the case before the Wadi Araba agreement and before the 1967 war, even as it occupied parts of Jordan when the West Bank was part of it.

He pointed out the need for Jordan to exert strong pressure to facilitate the passage of Palestinians through its crossings and travel through its lands, and to thwart what Israel seeks to impose on the Palestinians in the occupied territories and encourage them to travel through Ramon Airport.

Nofal said: I do not think that “Israel” turned it on the Palestinians to make things easier for them, but in fact it wants to gain economically by operating its airport, and to appear before the world as if it serves the Palestinians in the West Bank humanitarianly and alleviates their suffering.

“We in Jordan and Palestine must be careful and work to thwart the occupation’s plans, for with every step it offers to the Palestinians it gains dozens of steps in return for its favour, in exchange for this matter, and the Palestinians know very well that this enemy is a fraud and we must not be safe from him,” he said.

Nofal concluded by saying: It is true that Jordan has agreements with the Zionist entity, but the occupying state remains a danger to Jordan and Palestine, as well as to Syria and other Arab and Muslim countries.

A liquidation of the case and a threat to Jordan

For his part, writer and political analyst Yasser Zaatreh said that allowing Palestinians to travel through the Israeli “Ramon” airport in the Negev, not only does economic damage to Jordan, but “the truth is that it is greater than that.”

The Zaatrah explained in THis post on Twitter spotted it”compass“: Ramon Airport is part of the scheme to liquidate the case through an “economic peace”; Jordan also threatens; Just like gas, water and electricity agreements.

Soft transfer and a dagger in the side of Jordan

For his part, the writer Bassam Badarin described Article on his blog I saw hercompass“: Ramon Airport is “a dagger in the side of Jordan,” noting that the Israeli Ramon scenario is very worrying and suspicious, unlike because it does not place any kind of limits in front of the package of fundamental and deep political, security and economic interests, which are available to Jordan because of the reliance on bridges and crossings in the Jordan Valley as points A lonely and orphaned crossing.

He stressed that the procedure is very suspicious, but the bureaucratic silence on it in Amman is also incomprehensible, especially since Moroccan mediation and an American mediation entered a Jordanian line, usually last month, under the pretext of easing congestion on the Jordan Valley’s bridges and crossings.

Badarin added: In this sense, too, it can be said that the procedure for the new Ramon Airport is much more dangerous politically and nationally than it appears. Because the Palestinian Authority may have been implicated in silence, with a new pain in the side of Jordanian interests, and it is very strange that no objection has yet been made to it. The hidden and silent Israeli procedure is much more dangerous and greater than the announced and superficial.

Ramon strains the relationship between Amman and Ramallah

As for the writer and political analyst, Maher Abu Tair, he stressed for his part that Ramon Airport is a new story, which should not pass so easily, as other stories, which impose on Jordan on the one hand, and the Palestinian side on the other, to intervene in it with full force to prevent the Israeli plan.

Abu Tair explained in His article in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad: that Israel here wants to operate its airport, and therefore it made the procedures difficult for the bridges with Jordan, and so that it would open the door to travel four hours by land towards southern Palestine, to reach the airport, and so that this arduous journey would be less suffering than the bridges journey, and the bad treatment, fees and taxes that it contains. due to Israeli actions.

He pointed out that the disaster here is that there is an organization of travel offices for trips to Turkey, and it may later expand to other countries, at a time when the Ramallah Authority announces its refusal to use this airport, but the authority also did not announce actual measures to prevent the flow of travelers, not even any Punitive measures prevent Palestinians from traveling from this airport, clearly serving the Israeli occupation.

“Jordan here is badly affected, because Jordanian airlines will lose a large number of Palestinian passengers who used to come to Jordan via bridges and then use Jordanian airlines to travel to different countries,” as he put it.

Abu Tair said that “the authority’s rejection of the project is not enough, because the project harms Jordan on the one hand, and leads to the manufacture of a new situation that pushes towards this airport, which Jordan complained mainly about its expansion and existence, for considerations that threaten Aqaba Airport, and this imposes on the authority not only political rejection, but rather It should act to stop promoting flights to Turkey through this airport.”

He warned that this crisis under the ashes may lead to severe tension between Jordan and the Ramallah authority, because the authority’s silence on the matter would seem like a stab to Jordan, especially since the authority realizes that all the obstacles on the bridges are not Jordanian, but Israeli.

Abu Tair concluded by saying: Political expression is not enough in front of such an issue, because Ramon Airport may be just the beginning that will take the Palestinians to a completely different path, by imposing actual measures to prevent falling into this trap.


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