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This is how communication activists were outraged by the ban on the Jerusalemite festival in Amman

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publish date 2022-08-13 11:41:04

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Social media activists in the Kingdom expressed their anger at those who decided to ban the “Ya Quds, We Are Coming” festival, hours before it was scheduled for Friday.

The festival of solidarity with Jerusalem was banned by the governor of the capital at a time when Amman is witnessing a lot of singing and dancing festivals, including what made the American ambassador, Henry Wooster dance.

In conjunction with the publication by the US embassy in Amman of the ambassador’s dance video with the American singer and dancer Jason Derulo, the organizers of the Jerusalem event said: “The ban decision was surprising and shocking to them, especially since it came late, as the final arrangements for the event were initiated.”

The capital witnessed the American dance party in a five-star hotel in the Boulevard area in Abdali. The American ambassador, Wester, visited the concert area during the training of the American singer and welcomed him and shared a dance with him with a famous song.

Journalist Wael Al-Batiri says through his Facebook account, “The hosting of the “Abdali Project” hosts a singer famous for his pornographic songs, but very pornographic, and the official news agency (Petra) celebrates the news, as you can see, and says that the ceremony witnessed “a wide public turnout, attracting thousands of attendees from Inside and outside the Kingdom.


and monitoredcompassTweets and posts by activists expressing their anger at the decision to ban the Jerusalem event:

Writer Helmy Al-Asmar said through his Facebook account, you want to organize a festival, a concert or an artistic evening…everything is permissible and easy. As for when it comes to a rhetorical festival that triumphs for Jerusalem, I mean, tell it by telling (!!) No, and a thousand no.. And the reason? It is that such activities annoy (neighbors) rather than them!”

The organizers of the Jerusalem event said: “The ban decision was surprising and shocking to them, especially since it came late, as the final arrangements for the event were initiated.”

Journalist Nidal Salameh asked, on Twitter, exasperated, is it possible that it affects the waist-shaking festivals… At a time when the government says Jerusalem is our cause and guardianship, and I do not know what to prevent a festival for its sake.

It is noteworthy that the festival was scheduled to host a number of Jordanian national and parliamentary figures, to emphasize the Jordanian people’s support for the Palestinian cause, at the forefront of which is the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf is the official supervisor of the endowments of Jerusalem, according to international law, which considered Jordan the last local authority supervising those holy sites, before their occupation.

The spokesman for the Islamic Action Front Party, Thabet Assaf, commented, saying, “Any political action that eliminates the basis of the job role from his work equations in this region will have judged the outcomes of that equation to be failure and illusion.”

And he added, through his account on Facebook, “The absence of a vision, a clear and real project, and the secrets and leaders who carry it apart from the grinding wheel of falsehood means that you are playing with your opponent’s tools that will not give you ways to change them in her hand, and it means that you are cocooned in that wheel in your best conditions, completing his scene in an imaginary horizon that flows in his service.”

The deputy in the Parliamentary Reform Bloc, Engineer Musa Hantash, posted on Facebook a video of his speech that he was supposed to speak at the festival.

Representative Hantash spoke of his rejection of the justifications for the decision to ban the Jerusalem event, and urged the government to grant freedoms to these events.

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