The most dangerous in the world .. a bird “Shaban” chasing wildlife rangers in Australia “video”

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It seems that birds and animals are clearly declaring their anger in public towards humans, and in other cases this anger is monitored through surveillance cameras that document strange reactions from birds and animals without anyone approaching them, and in this regard, wildlife rangers monitored funny moments. Where a bird chased Shabnam, their car.

The cassowary is a bird similar to an ostrich and because of its huge size it cannot fly. This bird is known for its ability to inflict fatal blows to humans through its three claws, each of which is 10 cm long. This bird is considered the most dangerous bird in the world, despite its shy nature.

This is what led to panic among the wildlife rangers, who were carrying out regular inspections in the state of Queensland, northeastern Australia, and through a video recorded by one of the rangers, moments of this bird chasing them appeared, according to the newspaper, “Daily Mail”. British.

The cassowary was bent under the branches of the trees surrounding a dirt road, before it sped away at great speed behind the chariots of the guards, and during the pursuit the predatory bird showed no sign of slowness of movement.

A bird attacks a wildlife escort vehicle

Cameron Wilson, one of the rangers, said that he was the first to notice the presence of the cassowary, as he felt an unusual movement behind him, and when he turned around he saw the bird walking very quickly towards it, and Wilson’s bike, during the chase, got stuck in a small obstacle, and he remained there for 8 minutes staring In it the ferocious animal, which stood far, before one of his colleagues, Wilson, came and pulled him out of the obstacle.

Then a new journey began from the bird chaser to the guards, before he moved to chase another group of guards, but fortunately none of them were hurt.


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