Not just lipstick and eyeliner.. Find out how to improve your mood every day with your makeup

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A trend has recently spread Dopamine dressing It is a psychological tendency for people to wear clothes that make them feel good, and it is believed that the same can be applied to makeup, as psychologist Daniel Haig said that the way we dress has an incredible impact on how we feel, and the way we apply makeup can help improve Our mood.”

He added, during his statements to the British newspaper, “Metro”, “Think about wearing your favorite suit or outfit while you go to work, it may help you motivate you during your work, and wearing your favorite shoes and clothes when you go out with friends makes you feel good about yourself and happy.”


The report indicated that the same thing can be applied in makeup, when choosing your favorite colors, whether in lipstick or nail polish, as this may help to boost dopamine, and thus help to feel happy and improve mood.

The report suggested some mood-enhancing makeup colors such as bold lipstick, as well as orange, which goes with most skin tones..

Make up
Make up

Light and shiny colors can be chosen from the eyeliner group, which also helps to improve the mood of women, and the report also advised choosing light colors for nail polish, such as orange, which corresponds to skin tones, and helps to improve the mood.

girl putting on makeup
girl putting on makeup


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