If you plan to go to summer soon.. Find out how to keep your home smelling good for the duration of your travel

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Smell is one of the simple ways that attracts anyone to the house, and it connects everyone with beautiful memories, but what many are looking for is how to make their homes have a beautiful, stable and distinct smell, especially when traveling and returning home, and some find there is a smell of “punch” that causes the feeling Inconvenience and alienation from the house, and to get rid of this smell, we review in this report, ways to help achieve this, which we review in this report, according to the “realsimple” website as follows:

Dealing with moisture

The first reason for the lack of stability of beautiful smells in the house is humidity, so you should avoid placing carpets extending from wall to wall, which helps to increase humidity, especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, and keep products that absorb moisture in narrow areas that become damp, such as bathrooms and closets..

big carpet

Eliminate sources of moisture

Eliminate fine sources of moisture, such as sponges and towels, especially those used in the kitchen, so sponges should be replaced at least every week, and make sure that towels are completely clean and dry before folding and putting them away, and bathroom walks should be dried first.

kitchen towels

kitchen towels

Eliminate sources of unpleasant odors

Clean the litter boxes first, and get rid of diapers outside the house, and if there are pets, it is preferable that the box for their droppings be placed outside the apartment so that the smell does not enter the house.

Trash cleaning

Trash cleaning

Fridge cleaning

The refrigerator also helps spread unpleasant odors caused by spoiled foods, so expired foods should be disposed of, and the refrigerator should be cleaned.

Fridge cleaning

Fridge cleaning

Clean soft surfaces

Carpets, pillows, upholstery, bed covers, window coverings, as well as bathroom and kitchen ceramics are sources of unpleasant odors, and get rid of dirt, and odor-causing bacteria can remain in the carpet, and an uncleaned spot can lead to mold or mildew, so it must be cleaned and after the sources of odors are eliminated Unpleasant, it is preferable to use perfumes or incense or even to use fragrant detergents.

surface cleaning

surface cleaning


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