An American mattress company is asking for “talented” employees to sleep at any time and come in pajamas

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Whether some of you agree or not, sleep is a talent, and the proof of this is that there is a company in the United States willing to recognize this skill by offering the “sleeper” job, as a New York-based mattress company is looking to hire employees with the talent of “exceptional sleep”, According to the job advertisement, candidates must have “a desire to sleep as much as possible and the ability to sleep through anything”.


The company added, according to the site times now news “Sleep in our stores, in unexpected places in the world and share your experience with others by creating Tik Tok-style content to be disseminated across our company’s social media channels.”

Aspiring candidates are required to showcase their talents sleeping on Tik Tok, and in addition to getting paid, the selected candidates will receive free company products and be allowed to come to work in pajamas with the flexibility of a part-time work arrangement.

Earlier, a company called Candy Funhouse Advertisement for the position of Chief Dessert Officer, the position requires the shortlisted candidate to taste candy for the organization, the position is also open to children over the age of five, and the last day to submit your application is August 31.

Check out these interesting job opportunities if you think you like candy or sleep or both, after all, who wouldn’t want to be paid for their passion?


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