A stray dog ​​storms a wedding party in Brazil, and the reaction of the newlyweds is a surprise, “photos”

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In a funny incident, a cute dog broke into a wedding party in Brazil, and the dog broke into the wedding of Atamris Muzini and Douglas Robert, a stray dog, and the stray dog ​​entered the church as if it was one of the 150 invited guests, and the bride said Atamris Muzini:Before the ceremony began, the dog entered the church and went straight upstairs, where it met the groom and the guests. Then the dog went back downstairs, lying just outside the church door, according to the New York Post.

The bride and the dog


Mozini added: “He stayed there, just waiting for me to enter, and when the crowd turned around to watch her walk down the aisle, they were charmed by the sight of the dog doing the same. “.

He witnessed the dog, Atamris Muzini, exchange vows with her husband, firefighter Robert, and then ran towards them as they walked out the door, and jumped to pose for pictures with the couple.

Mozzini said:Everyone started calling him Caramelo, and that was it. He celebrated an important day in our history. He was part of our big moment and enchanted us with his charm.” “In the month we shared, we had several adventures with him, every day is a different surprise.”


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