6 wrong parenting methods that make a child stubborn

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Many mothers are keen to raise their children in a positive way in order to make them positive people who do not suffer from any psychological complexes, but some of them may commit wrong methods when raising children, making them stubborn, which we review in this report, according to what was indicated by Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, the consultant. Prisoners and researcher in mental health, during her statement to us.

mistakes in education

6 mistakes that make a child stubborn

suppression of child freedom

Suppressing the child’s freedom turns him into a stubborn person, especially at the age of 3-6 years, where the child begins to express himself through playing and wearing clothes alone. Here the family should give a space of safe freedom until the child expresses himself and stays away from stubbornness.

blame and reprimand

One of the wrong practices in education is the use of blame and reprimand in the treatment of the child. Whatever the problem, the family should be patient when raising the child and avoid the method of continuous blame, which makes the child resort to silence and stay away from the participation of his family in his problems..

Lots of commands

The child may resort to the behavior of stubbornness when commanded on a continuous basis, as this makes him feel that he is in a whirlpool of duties that drain his energy at times, and thus practices stubborn behavior as a negative reaction to the orders of the parents, and here the burdens and responsibilities must be reduced to ensure that the children are not stubborn.

excessive pampering

The child’s nervous behavior and his insistence on implementing his demands may force the parents to bow to him, and this is called excessive pampering, which causes the child to be selfish and not feel for others, and thus acquire stubborn behavior.

excessive punishment

Positive education requires the family not to practice violence and excessive punishment in education, which makes the child feel alienated from his family, which makes the child stubborn within the school and with his colleagues as an aggressive behavior towards others.

Negative role model

Stubbornness is not only an innate behavior, but it is also a learned behavior that the child acquires from the surrounding environment through negative interactions within the family; And because the child, by nature, imitates others, he begins to imitate the behavior of the parents, and thus acquires from them the behavior of stubbornness and practices it in his life.

Wrong behavior in education
Wrong behavior in education
Child rearing
Child rearing


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