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After it was published in the media, criticism of the project of the party system of work in universities

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publish date 2022-08-12 15:33:42

The draft system for organizing partisan work in universities, which was published through local media, has faced great criticism, as it contradicts what the government recently stated about partisan work, and with what will be applied on the ground.

Fakher Daas, the general coordinator of the National Campaign for Student Rights, criticized the project that was published in the media about the draft system for organizing partisan work in universities, considering it a dwarf of partisan work in universities.

Daas said that “today, the draft system for organizing partisan work in universities was published…a project that empties the idea of ​​allowing partisan work in universities from its declared goal, which is the involvement of young people in partisan work, and dwarfs it just by requesting the establishment of an activity, which is what we were in the campaign to slaughter us.” We were warned of it.”

He considered that “the system has transformed the Dean of Student Affairs into an administrative governor who has absolute powers to allow and prevent any partisan activity and even interfere in the details of the activity and modify it in terms of place, time, participating names and the content of the activity itself (Article 6/c).”

But the most important thing, according to Daash, is that “the regime’s project did not abolish the disciplinary systems that criminalize and restrict political work in universities, nor did it impose on universities the existence of elected student unions.”

During his meeting with them on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein called on the heads of official Jordanian universities to give them space for partisan activities in their universities. During the meeting, which was attended by his Crown Prince, Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah, at Al Husseiniya Palace, he stressed the importance of the universities’ role in the successful implementation of modernization outcomes, especially in the political field.

He called on university youth to be an essential part of the political modernization process, and to engage in partisan programmatic work.

He stressed that the implementation of a system regulating partisan activities in public and private universities is an urgent necessity, as well as institutional work to prevent the establishment of any barriers for young people wishing to participate in political life, pointing in this regard to the importance of providing a positive university environment that contributes to the desired political modernization.

During the meeting, the King focused on the importance of keeping pace with technological development to enhance the excellence of Jordanian human resources, and preparing a new generation capable of taking advantage of the available opportunities within the specializations required by the labor market.

Observers warned against the Cabinet’s approval of the draft regulating partisan work in higher education institutions in the form that was leaked and published through the media because of its negative repercussions on the student work environment, and contradicts official statements that indicated that students are not being harassed.

According to a report by the National Center for Human Rights, the number of party affiliates in Jordan reached 34,957 per year, while the number of youth affiliated with parties in Jordan does not exceed 12,748, or 36.47 percent of the number of affiliates.

To view the draft system click here

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