The wall clock is causing problems.. An energy developer warns of some gifts in the new home

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When moving to a new house, it is believed that there are clear signs of the energy of the house, and among these signs are livelihood, health, celebration, visits and gifts. As the energy developer, Dr. Maha Al-Attar, explained in her speech to “The Seventh Day”, where she said: “When a person who owned a new house visits him, gifts are showered upon him to congratulate him on his home, but there are some gifts that may increase the negative energy of the house.” So, the developer of energy science explained A list of prohibited gifts that cause problems for the residents of the house.

First, the wall clock

The energy developer said, the wall clock symbolizes the counting of time and separation and can bring divorce to the owners of the house..

Wall Clock

Second: Antiquities

The energy developer added that antiques are among the most gifts that carry negative energy, as they carry strange energies from strange places that may cause those we give them to increase in tension, wandering and confusion, as well as weapons that are used as decoration such as a pistol, dagger and arrow, which are considered symbols of fighting and fighting..


Third: the carpet

And the energy developer added that the carpet is a gift that symbolizes being on the ground, while its energy contrasts with the one who is given to him because it is a gift that is trampled upon by feet..


Fourth: the fan, the refrigerator and the air conditioning

Do not give the fan as a gift, as the energy developer warned, as she said that the fan is a symbol of air, flight, loss of pool and energy dispersal, as well as the refrigerator and air conditioning, which are considered a symbol of coldness, stability, snow and coldness in feelings. .



Fifth: Butane and heater

As for the stove, heater, oven and microwave, the energy developer said about them that they are from the element of fire, a symbol of fire and fire, so the unjustified differences increase.

Sixth: the fish tank

The energy developer added that fountains and aquariums are from the element of water and instability .


Seventh: Hearts, brides, and games

As for hearts, toys and brides, the energy developer said that they are bad symbols and symbolize the manipulation of the owner of the house .

game bride


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