Medicine, engineering, or media.. Know the right college for you, according to your astrological sign

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Every student, upon obtaining a high school certificate, feels bewilderment and anxiety, when he goes to the coordination office, to choose the college he joins according to his group and desire, and he may remain for hours in a state of thinking to choose the appropriate college for him, and that is why a report published on the website indicatedstylecaster“, to the appropriate college for each astrological sign, and this we will learn about in the next report.

Find the right college for you according to your astrological sign


Aries is characterized by courage, strength, and wisdom. It is also considered one of the constellations that are attracted to traditional professions. For this reason, it is suitable for the Faculty of Physical Education, Economics and Political Science, and the Institute of Dramatic Arts.



Taurus is famous for its stubbornness, daring, spontaneity, ambition and tends to draw the attention of others to it.


Gemini is characterized by temperament and the ability to communicate with those around him, write as well as give speeches, gain the respect of others, and take responsibility, so he is suitable for the College of Media to study journalism or public relations.

University students
University students


Cancer is characterized by sensitivity, ambition and the ability to take responsibility, and also has a wonderful leadership personality, so it suits him the College of Education and Veterinary Medicine, the College of Medicine, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the College of Physical Education.


Leo tends to draw the attention of those around him.


Virgo is characterized by practicality, ability to solve problems, attention to detail, and keenness to arrange and organize everything. That is why the College of Engineering and Media suits him.

Another photo of the students
Another photo of the students


Libra is attracted to beauty and cares about its elegance, deals with those around it with diplomacy, tends to achieve justice, and is firm in its decisions. For this reason, it suits the College of Law, the College of Arts, Department of Psychology, the Acting Institute, and the College of Fine Arts.


Scorpio is characterized by courage, ambition and activity as well.


The personality of the Sagittarius is characterized by many qualities, including optimism, spontaneity, the ability to innovate, create, strive for perfection, and love to travel and take on various adventures. That is why the College of Engineering, Tourism, Hotels, and Aviation studies suits him.


Capricorn personality is characterized by the ability to innovate, creativity, simplicity, support others, and bear risks, which is why it suits the College of Social Work, the College of Arts, the Department of Psychology, and the College of Commerce and Law.


Aquarius is keen to form friendships with those around him, and his personality is ambiguous, he has his own system, he has an artistic sense and cares about the smallest details.


Pisces personality is characterized by many qualities, including sensitivity, wisdom, compassion, artistic sense, adventurousness, and spontaneity. This is why the College of Nursing and the Institute of Acting is suitable for studying acting or directing, and the College of Education and Science.


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