Because it is your kingdom.. Easy and simple ideas for arranging kitchen utensils to avoid chaos

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The kitchen is the most room full of tools in the house, whether cooking, serving and distributing food, spoons of various kinds, cans and many tools, and if the kitchen is large or small, care must be taken to organize and arrange the kitchen to preserve the tools, by following simple ideas that can be applied that We review them in this report, according to what the website “thekitchen” As follows:

Different ideas for arranging kitchen utensils:

First: Hang them on a painting on the wall

You must use a board suitable for the size and location of the kitchen and the color of its wall paint, then install clips and distribute tools on it..

Kitchen cleaning

Keeping jars in the drawer

There are many jars of different sizes and shapes unused, in the drawer or put the kitchen utensils inside it in a neat and organized way.

use of jars
use of jars

Hanging tools on the side of cabinets

When you lack space on the wall to use and hang utensils on, it’s best to use individual hooks or hooks on the side of the cabinet to hang cluttered utensils in the kitchen.

spoon hanging

spoon hanging

big pottery

Oversized crockery can be used to store cluttered utensils in the kitchen, in a coordinated manner.

Kitchen arrangement
Kitchen arrangement

drawer organization

It is recommended to organize the drawers so that the tools are placed in an orderly manner and does not cause clutter, and the tools can be found easily without effort and at the same time add an aesthetic touch.

drawer organization
drawer organization

Use of magnetic knife strip

The magnetic knife bar can hold anything metallic, such as stainless steel spoons, ladles, whisks and other utensils.

kitchen organization
kitchen organization


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