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Laying the foundation stone for a phosphate washing and flotation plant in Shidiya

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publish date 2022-08-11 19:49:00

Today, Thursday, the Prime Minister, Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, laid the foundation stone for a phosphate washing and flotation plant in the Shidiya area in Ma’an Governorate, with an investment volume of 85 million dollars.

The idea of ​​this project, which is implemented by the Phosphate Mines Company in cooperation with the Ideal Advanced Manufacturing Industries Company, is based on the flotation and washing of large quantities of low-quality phosphates that have been accumulated over decades, and the extraction and reproduction of high-quality phosphates that comply with the requirements of the Phosphate Company, its customers and importers from abroad, which Contributes to enhancing the Kingdom’s exports of phosphates and supporting the national economy.

The Prime Minister expressed his happiness at laying the foundation stone for this vital project about a year after he attended the signing of an agreement to implement it between the Phosphate Company and the local implementing company, pointing out that the phosphate washing and flotation project confirms the seriousness of implementing the projects, and we hope that after 15 months we will see the production stage.

Al-Khasawneh pointed out that the project benefits the national economy, development and employment of Jordanian youth by providing operational windows in which priority is given to members of the local community, as well as what it embodies of an authentic and fruitful partnership between the public and private sectors.

The Prime Minister stressed that “the comparative advantage of such projects is that they deal with the dear provinces in the Kingdom according to their advantages and advantages of resources and capabilities, investing them in the best ways, and diversifying in them, which creates an integrated state of sustainable development towards self-reliance.”

During the foundation stone laying ceremony in the presence of Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Phosphate Mines Company, Dr. Muhammad Thneibat, a number of members of the company’s board of directors, the CEO of the company, Eng. It comes as a translation of royal visions and directives by strengthening the role of the private sector and enabling it to contribute to the advancement of the national economy.

The Prime Minister said that we are proceeding with a major national modernization project that enjoys a clear and decisive political will to implement it from King Abdullah II, supported by his faithful Crown Prince, based on the system of political modernization, the vision of economic modernization, and the road map for modernizing the public sector.

Al-Khasawneh stressed that the comprehensive modernization project adopted by the King, with the entry of our country into its second centenary, with its political and economic tracks and its administrative leverage, will be implemented with strictness and absolute commitment, and without delay in implementing these realistic reference documents. in order to fully achieve its intended goals.

The Prime Minister saluted those working in this vital project, who spread optimism that pervades the majority of Jordanians, in view of the melancholy practiced by a few that will not discourage Jordanians from serving and continuing the process of construction and development.

He said: “A greeting of love and respect we extend to all workers, engineers, workers and others who work in these difficult geographical and natural conditions, enjoying the positive spirit, productive work and achieving success stories that are respected and appreciated by everyone.”

Al-Khasawneh pointed out that the economic vision talks about the basic growth assumptions in the national economy, including attracting foreign direct investments estimated at 1.5 billion dinars for the next 10 years, in addition to a parallel number of local investments and providing about one million job opportunities for Jordanians during the next 10 years, stressing We are committed to removing obstacles to the private sector and investment; With the aim of attracting investments and enabling existing ones.

The Prime Minister said, “We are committed to strengthening the attractive environments for the private sector and investment; Which contributes to providing operational windows for our Jordanian children.

He stressed that the government is working in partnership with the National Assembly, both dignitaries and representatives, to approve a legislative package that contributes to supporting the economic and investment environment through draft laws on the investment environment, companies, and competition.

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