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For refusing to beg.. Arrest of a father who beat his son in Aqaba

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publish date 2022-08-11 12:19:07

The Compass – The Directorate of Combating Begging of the Ministry of Social Development in the city of Aqaba seized a 13-year-old beggar who was selling water and asking for financial assistance from the cars stopping at the signal at one of the traffic lights.

After he was arrested and taken to the security center, it was found that the child is being subjected to continuous beatings by his father, and the traces and signs of beatings are still visible on his body – according to the medical report – and he is forced to go out to sell water and beg at night under pressure and threats from his father and his brothers, and whoever refuses to go to beg beat them up.

The child was transferred to the Family Protection Department to take the appropriate action against his father, who had signed a pledge more than once not to push his son to beg, but he did not abide by this. The father was referred to the public prosecutor, who decided to arrest him in a reform and rehabilitation center on the charges of abuse and neglect. mechanism.

It was also found that the father of the child receives from the National Aid Fund a monthly financial aid of 245 dinars.

The social study conducted for the beggar child indicates that he is in a family of 6 persons, and he is one of the repeat children of beggary in the city of Aqaba. In coordination with the Family Protection Department, the family’s social situation will be monitored and the necessary measures will be taken that provide protection for the family’s children and prevent the recurrence of forcing them to beg or hitting them and abuse them.

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