New study: Poor children are more likely to become rich because of their friendship with the rich

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A new study revealed that poor children who make friends with wealthy children are more likely to become rich later in life, as researchers from Harvard University analyzed 21 billion friendships on “Facebook”, to understand how the society in which they grew up affects their lives. Your future results, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Their findings suggest that growing up in a society in which people of low and high socioeconomic status interact may improve children’s chances of becoming rich later in life, while previous studies have shown that the strength of a person’s social network and society is their “social capital”. It affects a range of areas, including the economy, health and education, however, so far it has proven difficult to measure social capital.

In their new study, researchers turned to Facebook as a new way to measure social capital. The team analyzed data from 70 million Facebook users in the United States, aged 25 to 44, and built several distinct measures of social capital for each zip code and high school. and college.

Based on the Facebook data, the team distinguished between differences in exposure to people with higher incomes, such as in their schools or in religious organizations, and friendship bias, the rate at which people with higher rates befriended within their groups, and friendship bias is shaped by the structure of the groups in which it overlaps. people, according to the researchers.


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